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Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy the experience on my website. To see the animal arts, visit Collections at the top of the page, to buy your own TangleZoo NFTs, please click "Now available on Soonaverse!".

On Soonaverse you can also buy lot's of beautiful other NFTs from upcoming artists and its so easy for them to publish, because you don't have to pay fees on Soonaverse.

To learn more about TangleZoo, visit the FAQs.



What is TangleZoo?

TangleZoo is an collectible art project, with different animals minted as NFTs on the IOTA Tangle.

What purpose has TangleZoo?

TangleZoo gives you the possibility, to have your own zoo, without running costs, without loss of time taking care about the animals and without needed space for keeping your animals. But you own the animals, because they are minted on the Tangle.

Where can I buy TangleZoo animals?

TangleZoo animals can be bought on Soonaverse. Soonaverse is a NFT exchange platform, without fees and mining power. You only need a Metamask Wallet, a Firefly Wallet or the Tanglepay Mobile Wallet and some IOTA balance.

What will come in the future?

The Genesis Collection is the first Collection of animals. In the near future, more and more animals will join the TangleZoo. So you can collect all.

Some other Collections, based on the Genesis Collection will join by time.

Why should I buy TangleZoo animals?

Why not? Have you ever thought about getting a dog for your children simply yourself? Buy them a lion or a penguin? And the best, you don't need to go out three times a day. 

How can I get part of TangleZoo?

First you can buy your own TangleZoo NFTs and second, you should join my space on Soonaverse.